Have you lost items of Archive & wish to get them back?

In order to reduce the size of the PST file there is an efficient way. When the items in the Outlook become older subsequently they are moved to Archives. When the older items are archived then the size of the PST file is decreased and a new files is generated which is associated with the Outlook. The file is Archive.pst file which compresses the older items and are kept. Hence, the data Items of the Archive.pst files can be retrieved just by opening the file (in case if archive.pst gets corrupted then don’t worry as there is a solution to fix corrupt PST file outlook 2010 also there is the solution to repair the archive.pst file).

Note:  This feature of Archive doesn’t appear in any account created on Outlook.  In case if your organization is using the Microsoft Exchange Server accounts then online Archives can be used. Alternatively, network administrator can also disable this feature.

You need not to send the older items of the Outlook to Archive as by default, at regular intervals the items are archived. If you wish to perform this task manually then also one can do this. The main reason to use the Archive is its flexibility feature, which help to specify that which folders have to include for Archive and which Outlook data files that is .PST will be used.

The file created for Archives may get corrupted sometimes and result of that all the old Items which were saved in the files becomes inaccessible. The folder may contain important Items but if the file is corrupted then you won’t be able to access any single Item from it. Hence, there is only one way to access the files and that is to Repair Outlook Archive. Instead, if the OST file is corrupted of Outlook then also you will not be able to fetch the emails so for this you have to repair the OST file. Explore more to repair corrupted OST particularly of Microsoft Outlook 2007.

The corrupted Archive files could be repaired by means of Archive Repair Tool (PST File Repair Utility). The software can be used with ease and also it is effective on any type of corruption caused on the files. In fact header corruption, oversized files & virus infected files all can be repaired using this tool. The snapshots of each step will clearly give the idea for fixing the PST.

There are certain protocols to use the Outlook but if they are not followed then corruption is for sure. Have a quick glance on few of them which results in corruption of file. While working on the Outlook abrupt closing of the application, power failure & power surge will result in corruption of files. There are many more situations which are totally unpredictable and if occurs could result in corruption of files.

Users sometimes get rid of corruption by using the Scanpst.exe which is an inbuilt tool of Outlook. Most of the times it work tremendously but when the corruption is severe like header corruption, oversized file, etc. subsequently the tool fails to rectify the error. In such case user don’t have any option.

If you want to end this problem then all you need to do is, follow the steps:

Step 1: Get the software from the website and install it in the PC. Launch the software and you will see the Main Screen. Select the “Open PST” file option which will take you to another screen.

Repair Outlook Archive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the “Destination Path” & type of scan you want to perform. “Normal Scan” & “Smart Scan” are the two options. Select either of them and press "Repair".

Repair Outlook Archive - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Select Destination Path

Step 3: Wait until the repairing process is going on. Lastly you will be asked to “Save” the repaired file.

Repair Outlook Archive - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Save

Do follow: Once the file is corrupted then don’t use it so that the spreading of corruption could be avoided.