Best Software to Fix PST File Corruption Issues

The PST is a very important part of the Microsoft Outlook application. This Personal Storage folder stores the information associated with your Outlook program. It contains all your emails, contacts, journals, calendar events, meeting requests, etc. The PST file is also very susceptible to the corruption and causes the loss of entire Outlook data. There are many reasons for PST file corruption. If you have encountered continuous .pst corruption and wish to repair it, then there are two ways to go about it. You can use either inbuilt Sanpst.exe tool or the third party PST repair software. The success depends on the severity of PST file corruption. One can repair broken PST file successfully by executing the Outlook PST repair software.

Scanpst.exe is a free utility comes with the Microsoft Outlook, which is also known as Inbox Repair Tool. This tool is capable to fix only some problems related to Outlook application. It is not always possible to get back all lost information from the corrupted PST file by using this tool. This is because the scanpst.exe is capable to repair PST file header corruption and deletes other items that it doesn’t understand. So if the PST file header is corrupted, then there is no problem to repair the file by using this inbuilt tool. However, if more than just the header of the file is corrupted, then unfortunately Scanpst does not work. Then you need to go through third party tools to fully repair your corrupted PST file.

Why Outlook PST file gets corrupted?

Most of the time PST files get damaged due to user mistakes and some software errors. If you have closed the Outlook application while data is reading or writing on PST file, then the PST file corruption chances are more. Virus infection and oversized PST file are also the key reasons to make inaccessible PST file. But it is very simple to fix oversized PST file by using the repair software. Sometimes the add-in will keep the Outlook open in the background and you may not know it. Then by considering the Outlook was closed, you may reboot or shutdown your computer. But after going back to the Outlook Inbox, you will come to know the PST file is corrupted.

Once the PST file is corrupted, you cannot access emails and all other information from your Outlook. You may lose the important information like client emails, old archived emails, etc. from your Outlook profile. Because of losing useful data from the Outlook, it may affect on your business or the personal work. In order to carry out your work smoothly, it is very essential to get back all lost data from the corrupted PST file. To recover Outlook calendar from the corrupted PST file, you can get here the best third party repair software. The PST repair software can help you to get access into the corrupted PST file.

Tips to avoid PST file corruption

  1. Always use Outlook application properly
  2. Do not let your PST file to get too large
  3. Periodically backup the important information from Outlook
  4. Avoid hard drive failures
  5. Update the quality antivirus software on your computer

Even after taking all precautions, sometimes your Outlook application hangs up due to PST file corruption. When the PST file is corrupted, the Outlook application cannot work properly. While accessing the Outlook PST file, you may get the error message like “Outlook PST file cannot be accessed – 0x8004011”. To resolve such errors, Outlook PST repair software is the best way to go. This software is designed, especially to fix Outlook PST file problems. It supports to repair PST file under all the scenarios. You can use it for various Outlook versions, such as Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010, etc. To repair corrupted Outlook 2007 PST file on Windows system, one can visit here -

This software works effectively by making use of its inbuilt scanning algorithm. To repair PST file, first it will scan the file and then permits you to access all data stored on it. The emails and other data recovered from the corrupted PST file are saved in a new PST file format to ensure the safety of original file. It repairs the PST file as well as restores deleted emails and other attributes from the Outlook. The compressed and password protected PST files can also be repaired using this utility. If you want to know the software's working before purchasing it, then use the demo version.

Steps to fix PST file corruption errors

Step1: First download and install the Outlook PST repair software in your computer. Then click on “OPEN PST File” option from the welcome page as shown in Figure 1.

Continuous .PST Corruption - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step2: From the second screen select “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option based on the severity of PST file corruption. Then "Browse" the PST file and click on the “Repair” button as shown in Figure 2.

Continuous .PST Corruption - Browse File

Figure 2. Browse File

Step3: Now the software scans corrupted PST file and provides the details of recovered Outlook items as shown in Figure 3.

Continuous .PST Corruption - Preview Screen

Figure 3. Preview Screen