Want to fix corrupt PST file in MS Outlook 2007 on Windows OS???

Then, go through this article carefully to get the perfect solution!!!

What else can be more irritating than losing access to mails in your Outlook 2007 account when you need them the most??? You are unable to access Outlook 2007 data in your laptop through your MS Outlook account. The Outlook data is inaccessible due to some unknown reason and it is throwing some unknown errors when you attempted to access it. You have tried to fix the problem by running Inbox Repair Tool, but nothing worked in your favor!!! Have I lost those valuable Outlook data permanently??? Can I ever be able to access them???

Lots of questions must be peeping in your thoughts and you must not be having a single clue what is going on. Relax!!! Be calm and listen carefully. The main reason why you are unable to access the Outlook 2007 data is PST file corruption. PST file in MS Outlook is a single file which carries all the Outlook information staring from email messages, tasks, journals, contacts to appointments and RSS feeds. Therefore, any damage to the PST file causes severe Outlook data loss. Alternatively, when the archive.pst file gets corrupted then also you may be losing the old mails from Mailbox very easily. Hence you need the solution to get back your important emails. The solution is to repair archive Outlook.

However, Microsoft Outlook has a built in tool called as Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe which is there to resolve minor PST corruption cases.  The Inbox Repair Tool may fail to fix the PST file if the corruption is severe. In such cases, this inbuilt tool may delete some unrecognizable data. An interactive tool like PST Repair Tool can help you out to repair Microsoft Outlook 2007 Inbox in a quite simple and easy way without losing any data. This tool allows you to fix corrupt Outlook PST file without even modifying its original contents.

Before, you get to know the PST repair software in detail, it will be beneficial for you to know the scenarios under which Outlook 2007 PST file may become corrupt in Windows.

Abrupt Termination of Outlook application: Improper termination of Outlook 2007 application can severely affect the PST file in use. This can happen due to power failure or OS crash when the Outlook 2007 is still in use.

Sharing PST file over a network: Sharing the PST file over a network or storing the PST file on a network server can also corrupt the PST file. The PST file can also get corrupted in Outlook 2007 due to faulty network devices. If the cables, network interface cards, hubs, routers or any other devices with network links have problem, then the PST file may get severely damaged.

Improper Outlook Upgradation: Improper Outlook upgrading also results in Outlook PST file corruption. It may be interrupted Outlook upgrading process or improper data backup before Outlook upgrading.

Unmanageable PST file’s size: If the PST file exceeds the size limit in MS Outlook 2007, then it becomes unmanageable hence corrupted. Generally, the size limit for PST file is Outlook 2007 is 20 GB. Therefore, the reason of Outlook data inaccessibility may be the oversized PST file. In order to repair corrupted Outlook 2000 PST file, visit this link.

PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2010 corrupted due to any of the above scenarios can be easily resolved by using PST repair software. However, you should not reinstall the Outlook application as it may overwrite the corrupt PST file. Once the PST file is overwritten, then it is permanently lost. You can also fix Outlook 2000 PST corrupted due to any software or hardware malfunctions.

The main feature of the PST scan tool is to repair and recover Outlook data despite of the severity of PST corruption. Other than Outlook 2007, it is capable enough to fix damaged PST file after Outlook 2010 crashed due to application malfunction, OS crash or virus attack. Look in here to perform the specified task. It supports PST repair in Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.  It can repair PST file corrupt after exceeding size limit with respective Outlook versions. This software allows you to fix password protected PST file with its built in powerful repair engine. It helps you to fix corrupted PST in Outlook 2003 by keeping the original contents intact. Then you can recover all your Outlook 2007 data from the repaired PST file. You can also perform recovery of Outlook calendar which were corrupted after improper termination of Outlook, bad sectors on disk and header corruption, etc. Get more info here.

Perform Corrupted Outlook 2007 PST file repair on Windows using the following steps:

Step 1: Download and launch the PST repair software. After it is launched, a welcome screen will be displayed with 3 different options like “Open PST file”, “Find PST file” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select any of the options based on your need.

Outlook 2010 Corrupt PST File Repair - Main Screen

Step 2: Then choose the damaged PST file with “Browse” button. After selecting the scanning method and click “Repair” button to start repair process. Once repair process is completed, you can the repaired PST file with all its contents in Outlook Browser Style view.

Fix Damaged PST File on Outlook 2010 - Preview Screen

To prevent Outlook 2007 PST file corruption remove unwanted Outlook data to reduce PST file size. Take regular backup of Outlook 2007 PST to avoid Outlook data loss in the future. Do not store the PST file on the network server. Use latest Antivirus program to avoid PST file corruption. Check the functioning of network devices regularly. Be careful while upgrading the Outlook version so as to avoid data loss.