Repair PST File CRC Error

"Hi friends, last week my friend sent one compressed PST file through internet. I downloaded the compressed PST file and tried to decompress it. Whenever I try to decompress it is showing some CRC error messages. So I am not able to use that particular PST file. Is there any repair tool available to repair PST file CRC error?”

Obviously yes! You can fix CRC error in PST file easily with the help of Corrupt PST File Repair Software. CRC means Cyclic Redundancy Check which can perform error detection mechanism using parity check method. Outlook uses this mechanism to check that the requested data inside a PST file is overloaded into the primary memory. This CRC error occurs when there is some problem with your hard drive where the PST file is stored. Due to this CRC error, your PST file gets corrupted resulting in inaccessibility of Outlook data. Therefore, just download this amazing repair tool and find how to repair CRC error in PST file.

How CRC error get generated in PST file?

  • Whenever the Microsoft Outlook is incapable to read the documents from the source file i.e., PST file then CRC error may arise, which shows that the source file is totally corrupted.
  • Interruption like sudden power surge or shutdown of the system while copying PST file from one memory location to another, may leads to the occurrence of bad sectors on the computer hard drive and resulting in PST file CRC error.
  • If you upgrade the Microsoft Outlook, from older version to latest version, then you need to transmit all your PST files from the older version to newer version. Due to the incompatibility with the latest Outlook version, you may encounter CRC error.
  • If you use any unreliable compression tool to compress your large sized PST file to save your device memory, then it corrupts your PST file and shows CRC error whenever you try to decompress it.
  • Severe virus infection, Outlook crash, improper termination of Outlook profile are also some of the main reasons for CRC error in PST files.

Features of Corrupt File Repair Software

  • This software can repair PST file CRC error in a short time span even if the PST files get corrupted at the time of Outlook upgradation.
  • This tool provides an option to scan and search the PST files from the entire system. Therefore, you can repair PST CRC error even if you do not know the saved location of your PST file.
  • This software supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook and also it has the ability to recover Outlook inbox emails and other Outlook attributes.
  • If your degraded PST file is password protected, then also Corrupt File Repair Software can repair PST file CRC error but, you should know the password.
  • If you use this Corrupt File Repair Software to repair your PST file which is showing CRC error, then along with the repair process, it can also recover Outlook calander and all your emails, contacts, tasks, etc. as said above.
  • You can also repair PST CRC error even if they are encrypted using some encryption techniques.
  • This software is very easy to handle due to its simple GUI that helps you to fix CRC error in PST file effectively.

    How to repair PST file CRC error?

    Step 1: Download and install Corrupt PST File Repair Software in your system to repair PST file CRC error. Now, select the PST file which is showing CRC error to fix Outlook PST file CRC error.

    Repair PST File CRC Error - Main Screen

    Figure A. Main Screen

    Step 2: Select either “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option to begin with the repair process.

    Repair PST File CRC Error - Browse File

    Figure B. Browse File

    Step 3: Once it is repaired, it will show the number of emails, contacts, tasks recovered from the repaired PST files. Now, you can click on save option to save the repaired PST file. Choose the memory location/drive based on where you want to save your repaired PST file and proceed with the svaing process.

    Repair PST File CRC Error - Preview Screen

    Figure C View Contents

    Note: Take regular backup of Outlook PST to avoid Outlook PST corruption in future.