To repair OST file just use the OST Repair Tool

The most favorite tool is Outlook 2007 which is used by almost 47% of people who are using emails for communication. This gets automatically installed when Microsoft Office 2007 is installed. Large scale businesses / organization rarely runs without emailing and for emailing most preferred tool is Outlook 2007. When user requirement is for using the Outlook 2007, subsequently just few steps of configuration he / she need to take. Overall, numbers of options are there to communicate but emails is the cheapest amongst them and for this reason it is used widely to interact with each other personally or professionally.

So if you are a user of Outlook 2007 that means few awful situations you might have faced or might be facing. Are you facing any problem when opening the Outlook 2007 & you are greeted with a message “Outlook is not responding properly”? If yes then don’t worry as here we are with the best solution to make the Outlook 2007 work properly again as before. The reason behind this could be the corruption in Outlook 2007 supporting file i.e. OST file or PST file but if you use OST Repair Tool then the entire problem will be solved. You may have noticed that you can work even in the absence of internet connection with your Outlook 2007, what makes this happen? OST file is the backup file which is used to take care of the data in the absence of internet and let you work in the same environment as you do when connection is present.

Outlook 2007 is supported by two files one is OST (Offline Storage Table) & other is PST (Personal Storage Table). OST is basically used to save the offline data where as PST to store online data. So, if by mistake PST File gets corrupted then all emails will be deleted, in this condition how to get back deleted emails in Outlook? For the process you have to use the PST Repair Tool.

Users have confusion in their mind and that is in concern of Scanpst. Users ask if there is Scanpst tool then why to use the other tool to get the deleted emails back? This is because the tool fails sometimes if the corruption in the PST file is severe. The Scanpst cannot repair the header corruption, oversized PST, etc. hence, users have to use the other tool. If you are facing this scenario then just click to know more about repairing tool when Scanpst fails.  

OST file is yet another important file which acts as a backup file. You can regain all the emails in offline mode with the help of OST file. Therefore, when this file is corrupted or damaged then the entire mailbox items get deleted. At this instance you have to use the OST Repair Tool that can repair damaged OST file Outlook 2007.

The tool is really effective on corrupted OST file. It repairs all the corrupted sections of the OST files and gives a fresh copy of the OST file.

Follow the instructions and repair the OST file.

Step 1: Select “Open PST File” from main screen and this will take you to another screen.

Repair Damaged OST File Outlook 2007 - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen you will be asked to “Browse” the corrupted OST file and press “Next”.

Repair Damaged OST File Outlook 2007 - Select PST File

Fig 2 : Select OST File

Step 3: The OST file will be repaired and you will be asked to “Save” the repaired file.

Repair Damaged OST File Outlook 2007 - Save Repaired

Fig 3 : Save Repaired OST File