Are you wondering how to repair oversized PST file in MS Outlook?

One fine weekend morning you log in to your computer so that you can check some important emails in your Outlook account. You just clicked on the Send Receive option for the new emails and sudden you got an error message!!!! It said “The file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed”. You might have been shocked to see an error message all of a sudden!!! Then as per the error message you tried to run the Sacnpst.exe, still no result. The Inbox Repair Tool itself failed to repair the corrupt PST file!!! Now what to do??? What about all those important Outlook data in your account??? Are they lost forever??? You must be feeling really helpless. Or if archive file is corrupted then also the same problem you have to face. Don't worry, as in the next few lines you would be knowing the best way to repair archive Outlook and also the recommended way to get rid of PST file corruption.

Don’t be helpless!!! There are a lot of things you can do to repair your corrupted PST file. The PST file of your Outlook might have exceeded the size limit and hence refuses to add any new data to it. However, the damaged PST file can still be fixed using powerful PST Scan Tool which works even when the Inbox Repair Tool fails. It can repair damaged Outlook PST in a few minutes and recover all inaccessible Outlook data.

Microsoft Outlook stores all its essential data in a single file called as Personal Storage File or PST file. That means, PST file is used for storing Outlook data such as email messages, attachments, journals, RSS feeds, tasks, appointments and many more. With different Outlook formats (like ANSI and UNICODE), the Outlook versions have different size limits for the PST file. Once the PST file exceeds the size limit set by Microsoft, then no more additional data is allowed to the PST file.

Outlook 2002 and prior versions have PST file size limit up to 2GB whereas size limit for Outlook versions 2003 and 2007 is up to 20 GB. The latest versions of MS Outlook i.e., Outlook 2010 has PST file size limit up to 50 GB which can be increased or decreased changing the Windows registry settings.

However, the PST file fails to store more data in it, once it reaches the extreme to the predefined size limit in a particular Outlook version. As a result, Microsoft Outlook starts behaving strangely and may even result in PST file corruption.
The actual fact behind this is really simple. When the Outlook is opened or you try to access your Outlook account, Outlook needs to load those data from the PST file. The larger the size of the PST file, the more time it will take to be loaded. As PST file size keep on growing bigger and bigger, the Outlook starts running relatively slower. The Outlook starts taking more time to respond and one fine day it may freeze due to oversized PST file. To get back deleted emails, because of freezing of PST file, you have to choose recovery software for deleted PST emails. Follow to discover more.

Outlook notes are important for office use as people used to write important notes on it. But if it PST file gets corrupted then entire Outlook attributes get damaged. So you can easily perform Outlook notes recovery along with other Outlook items such as calendar, journals, RSS feeds,reminders, meetings, etc.

Various error messages thrown by Microsoft Outlook when the PST file exceeds the size limits are mentioned below:

Xxxx.pst cannot be accessed - 0x80040116: Such type of error occurs when oversized PST file (named as xxxx.pst) tries to load.

However, when you try to add some new items or message to the PST file, and the PST file attains its maximum size limit during the copy process, then you may encounter some of the following errors such as:

The file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed or

The file xxxx.pst has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (Shift + Del) delete them or

Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C' or

Can't copy the item

However, using PST file repair tool, you can easily get rid of all such PST file corruption issues. This software supports PST repair in all the Outlook versions starting from the latest version to the older versions. It can fix PST file corrupt after Outlook 2010 crash. Know more about the recovery strategies to overcome from Outlook 2007 application crash. Apart from oversized PST file, the software can also repair PST corrupted after virus attack, download error, improper Outlook upgrading etc. It can fix PST corruption issues in Outlook 2003 effectively. It can successfully repair damaged PST file Outlook 2007 in Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008. You can check effectiveness of this software by using its demo version.

Now, learn how to repair oversized Outlook PST in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Download and launch the PST repair tool. Once it is launched, a welcome screen will be displayed with 3 different options like “Open PST file”, “Find PST file” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select any one of them based on your need.

Outlook 2010 Corrupt PST File Repair - Main Screen

Step 2: After that select the corrupted PST file. Then, choose the scanning mode and click “Repair” button to start scanning. Once the scanning is done, you can view the contents of repairing PST file in Outlook Browser Style view.

Fix Damaged PST File on Outlook 2010 - Preview Screen

To prevent PST file corruption due to oversize, try to remove unnecessary Outlook items so as to reduce its size. Try to compress the PST file so as to minimize its size and save disk space. Last but not the least backup your Outlook PST regularly to avoid Outlook data loss in the future.