How to Repair Outlook Inbox?

Microsoft’s Outlook application program is the most preferred tool within the organization that is used to send and receive all the mails, store and manage all the events that occur and maintain all the contacts that are present in a particular order. These mails are an efficient and secure means of communication within the organization and also help to carry out the work smoothly. Sometimes unwanted emails get into the Inbox folder and opening them will result in corruption of all the mails that are present in the Inbox. The mails that are present in the Inbox may also get damaged as a result of various reasons as mentioned below and hence as mails are damaged all the work comes to standstill. Need not worry as the outlook repair tool repair corrupt PST file containing all the information about the particular account profile.

Reasons that damage the outlook Inbox are:

  • Corrupt Drive: Drive gets corrupted as a result of virus attack, power surge or due to system crash and so on. Virus is one the main reasons that corrupts all the files that are present in the particular drive. Virus enters the system from internet or from other infected drives and hence damages all the files that are present. Sudden power loss while the drive is still in use may also corrupt the drive and hence damage all the files that are present in it.
  • Application Fault: Sometimes while installing the Microsoft application program some errors might occur during the installation process. Hence while using the application program the PST files containing the information of the Inbox might get corrupted and the user might not be able to send or receive mails. Hence all the work comes to a standstill as a result of corruption.
  • Exceed Storage: The mails that are present in the Outlook Inbox folder have certain storage limit for receiving or sending the mails. Once this storage limit is exceeded the Inbox folder gets corrupted and hence the user cannot access. Regularly check the mails and delete the unwanted files that are present in it to limit the storage capacity of the particular folder.

Under the above scenarios, one can easily fix corrupt PST file by using Outlook repair tool. You can repair PST file and recover all emails from it. This software will create a new healthy PST file with all the Outlook data stored on it. To import PST file in Outlook, you can get additional information at -

The Outlook repair tool is developed with advanced features to repair all the mails efficiently that have been corrupted without modifying their contents. Equipped with enriched features Outlook repair tool effectively fixes all the broken Inbox contents that cannot be repaired by scanpst.exe tool. When Scanpst.exe fails to fix corruption issue it displays error messages on screen. This tool is wonderfully designed & developed by expert professionals to fix scanpst.exe errors within few mouse clicks. Read more about This application program provides real time preview of all the repaired data in Outlook style browser view. This application program fix even the password protected PST files and also other Outlook files which are highly encrypted or compressed to secure the information. With the simple graphical user interface developed within the application program restore Outlook notes present in the particular profile. Developed with strong scanning algorithms this software supports PST file repair on various versions of Microsoft Office like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. After the completion of the repair process the repaired files are presented in outlook 2003-2010 formats for easy import to various other destinations which are available to the host Operating System. This software tool supports to recover deleted emails from deleted folder.

Outlook 2007 is another Microsoft application that is preferred by most of the organizations for sending or receiving mails among the employees. There are many folders that are present in this Outlook like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts and many more that are used for various purposes. Due to some simple human errors all PST files may become corrupted and throw errors when the user tries to access them. Need not worry!! Read through this page to get more knowledge on how to repair those PST files. Using the advanced features developed within this application you can easily repair the Outlook 2010 PST files and get back all the data that was stored in it. To know more about the repair procedure go to the site.

Steps to repair the damaged outlook Inbox are:

Step 1: Download and install the software in the system by logging in as system administrator. Click on “Open PST File” to start the repair process.

How to Recover Outlook Calendar - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Select the PST file and click on the “Repair” button to start the repair process of the particular file.

How to Recover Outlook Calendar -Browse File

Figure B. Browse File

Step 3: After the completion of the repair process the contents that are present in the PST file are displayed.

Recover Contacts from PST File - Preview Recovered Data

Figure C. Contents