How to Recover Outlook Calendar data?

Microsoft Outlook calendar is one of the best features among the entire Outlook attribute which helps to schedule meetings, reminders of birthdays, and other important things so that it can help you to manage professional and personal life properly. When Outlook profile is working fine you, you will get good advantage of calendars but once it is corrupted or PST file gets deleted, you will be unable to access calendar entries. Now you may think that how come PST file corruption has anything to do with calendar. Because PST file is responsible for proper functioning of Outlook attributes. At that time you may think how to recover Outlook calendar that contains created events, appointments and business group schedule. Though you can use an inbuilt tool scanpst.exe but if the PST files are severely corrupted, it shows error messages on the screen and you will fail to repair and recover data back. The corruption of PST files usually occurs due to virus infection, oversized PST file, Outlook application crash, faulty add-in installation, upgrading Outlook, etc. In such situation, the best solution is to use Repair Outlook Tool to repair and recover calendar entries after scanpst.exe error. Follow the mentioned link to go through the process of fixing error issues.

Though you can create new calendar with similar entries similar to the broken ones seems simple to read but difficult to work out because you may need to do hard work for this. Losing Outlook calendar is a huge loss to the business organization, who wants their planned routine, which was stored in the Outlook calendar. You need to arrange and organize your appointments or meetings which are left to be attended or when is your next meeting. Is it not better to perform recovery of Outlook calendars? You do not have to crawl up your mind in arranging them, directly you can use recovery software to recover files back.

Before recovery process let us discuss some scenarios that lead to Outlook file corruption. They are:

  • Improper termination of Outlook: When you were accessing Outlook profile, if you shut down the application on your system without saving the changes, then this may result in broken PST file.

  • PST oversize: Versions before 2003 has a limited size of 2GB so if its size exceeds its limit then Outlook files may get damaged. Calendar items including other Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, RSS feeds, etc may exceed the size limit at a certain point of time, corrupts the file making them inaccessible.

  • Bad sectors: If your Outlook file is stored on a bad sector of the disk then data stored in it may be full of errors. In such case, you will be able to read only a part of damaged PST file, missing the items like calendar items.

  • PST file header corruption: If PST file header gets corrupted, entire PST files become inaccessible due to corruption as header contains the information and structure of the PST file. It can occur due to system crash, virus attack, software malfunction, etc.

PST file repair software is proficient software that can be used to recover Outlook calendar and other attributes that were corrupted due to above mentioned scenarios. Starting from older versions to latest one you can perform recovery of Outlook profile and this will also help you to fix any issue related to corruption or deletion of PST file. You can also perform recovery of lost Outlook emails on Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. It also enables you to fix corrupted PST files by creating a replica of damaged files. The application will also help you to fix oversized PST file on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2008, 2000, etc. Read more ..

Simple steps to recover Microsoft Outlook calendar:

Step 1: On the welcome screen you will find three options "Open PST file", "Find PST file" and "Select Outlook Profile". You need to select any one of them that matches your need.

How to Recover Outlook Calendar - Main Screen

Step 2:  Now, select the path of broken Outlook file then the utility displays two scanning options,select any of them accordingly that matches the scenario. The scanning process starts, once the process is completed , you can see the recovered PST files.

How to Recover Outlook Calendar- Preview Screen