Repair Outlook 2000 PST

Microsoft Outlook 2000 is an email messaging system that carries out smooth communication around business organization. But at certain times you may come across a situation where you cannot access PST files. The files may contain important mails, contacts and other valuable information and corruption of PST file may put your business on stake.  You may encounter following error messages at that time such as

  • Cannot find .pst file
  • Errors have been detected in file path
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600
  • Outlook.pst file can’t be found

There are several hardware and software reasons behind PST file corruption. The hardware reasons include data storage device failure that occurs due to bad sectors in hard disk making it unusable and inaccessible. If any PST file is stored in hard disk containing bad sectors then the file may become inaccessible and unreadable due to bad sectors. While accessing PST file if suddenly power surge occurs then you may lose PST files or it may get corrupted. When Outlook 2000 file exceed the limit of 2GB size, it may get damaged resulting in loss of mails. At that time you may have received an error message PST has reached the maximum size limit”. Virus infection may corrupt the PST file header and delete PST file. While accessing Outlook file you may get error messages like Outlook.pst is not a personal storage folder file”While upgrading from older version to newer one if the process gets interrupted due to any reason like improper termination of system then also there is a chance for PST file corruption.

The above mentioned hardware and software malfunctions can be avoided by precautions like using proper hardware devices and handling software with care. When large network is concerned and large number of computers is involved it become impossible to maintain individual system equally around the network. So, user friendly application is required to operate throughout the network and solve file corruption problem. You can use inbuilt tool of MS Outlook known as scanpst.exe and fix the errors. But this can work well only in case of PST header file corruption and fails in complex issues. So to solve this critical situation good repairing software can be used to perform the repairing program.

PST repair tool can be used to repair Outlook 2000 PST and get rid of corruption issues. It supports all versions of MS Outlook starting from older to newer versions. It can also repair corrupt Outlook file after crash. It creates new PST file to store restored Outlook files in order to ensure the safety of the original data. This application fix PST corruption issues in Outlook 2003 and recovers significant mails and other information stored in corrupt Outlook file. It performs intensive scanning of broken PST file, locates the files and recovers them. You can also recover Outlook calender and other attributes like contacts, emails, RSS feeds, etc. with ease. The recovery can be performed easily by a novice user also. Know more about the recovery of Outlook calendar items.

There are many versions of Outlook applications that have been loaded with advanced features as compared to others. Among this Outlook 2013 is the latest application released by Microsoft. Using this tool the user can communicaate among all the employees of the organization. Sometimes as a result abrupt shut down of the system or due to someother reasons the Outlook application gets damaged leading to loss of all the valuable data that had been saved in it. There is no need to get upset! You can effectively repair damaged Outlook PST file 2013 without causing any loss of info present in it.

Just follow the simple steps to repair outlook 2000 PST

Step 1: On the welcome page you can find three option, you can select any of them that matches your need.

Repair Outlook 2000 PST- Main Window

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Now select Outlook file using "Browse" option. Select scanning method based on the severity and click on "Repair" option to begin repairing process. Once process gets completed, you can preview the fixed Outlook file.

Repair Outlook 2000 PST - Preview Window

Figure B. Preview Screen