Repair Outlook Scan PST

Microsoft Outlook is used across all over the world in business organization. It is very helpful as the user can send or receive mails within and outside the organization without having the fear of his emails being altered by hackers. This tool provides utmost security to all the communication that is being done with the help of this software. Due to some of the reasons mentioned below the PST files fail to respond. This rings trouble as it halts important work. Don’t panic!! You can resume the work and also repair the PST files that fails to respond by using Outlook repair tool.

Causes that lead to corruption of PST files:

Improper Exit of Outlook: You had a lot of work that needs to be completed in a very short period of time. After completing the work you were tired for doing plenty tasks & so improperly exited the Outlook application. This is not an honest plan as suddenly exiting the application  ends up in the corruption of the PST file. Therefore you should take care while exiting the Outlook program else it may cause damage to the PST file.

Upgrade to Higher Version: Some of the users who are using the older version of the Outlook application may want to upgrade it to a higher version of the program. So during this process the PST files that are modified may get corrupted and cause loss of all the vital information present in it.

Multiple Users using the same PST file: In the network there may be multiple users who are connected to the same account. Hence while changing the settings that are present in the PST file by any two users at the same time causes damage to Outlook file that has been assigned to them. As a result this leads to the PST file being not accessible and causes loss of all the important files that are present in it.

PST fix tool is the most desired one by all the professionals who use the software to fix broken PST files or damaged. It effectively gets back all the data present in the respective folders without damaging the files or changing the names that are stored in it. With the help of this program the user can recover the lost/deleted emails from the Inbox folder & get back all the notes that were present in the Outlook profile, restores all the notes and other calendar items that are present. This tool is developed keeping in mind all the versions of the Microsoft that are present like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. With the help of this application the user can also repair the oversized PST files, i.e. Outlook 2000 PST files get damaged if the size is exceeded by 2GB limit. Visit the link so that you get to know how you can fix Outlook 2000 file. With the special graphical user interface equipped within the tool we can easily preview the recovered files after the completion of the repair process. No need to worry if the PST files are highly encrypted or password protected as this software is developed with most powerful algorithms to fix those type of files.

Inbox is the place where all the mails are present. These mails are accessed as and when required. Due to virus infection or some as a result of some other reasons the mails get corrupted. Need not worry!! Click the mentioned link to gather more information about the repair procedure.

Simple procedure to repair PST files when Outlook Scanpst.exe not responding::

Step 1: Run the application to begin with the repair procedure of the corrupted PST files. Select the file by clicking on the “Browse” button provided to you on the main screen.

Outlook Scanpst.exe Not Responding - Main Screen

Step 2: Click on the Repair button to start the scanning of damaged PST file. Choose “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option depending on the depth of damage caused.

Outlook Scanpst.exe Not Responding - Repair

Step 3: The content of the PST file can be viewed after the completion of the scanning process.

Outlook Scanpst.exe Not Responding - Preview Recovered Data