The best source to recover deleted mailbox items

Outlook is the best tool that is used for mailing. The back end files which is used in Oultook is PST file. This file is used to support the Outlook and save all the data which is generated by the use of Outlook. Outlook comes with Microsoft Office as an application. To use the Outlook just you need to install the MS Office in a system and later you can configure the Outlook as per your needs. There are different Mailbox items present in the PST file as Personal Storage Table file is used to store the data in Outlook.

The Outlook is really very easy to use as it has user friendly interface. The application is used on the client side and provides all the facilities which user wants like sending & reciving the mails in the offline mode, sharing the Outlook PST files over networks, etc. If this PST file gets corrupted then there will be problem for user as the Outlook is not going to work properly..

Few files are important in terms of keeping the data as they supports the applications so as PST file is. In case if certain kinds of application supporting file gets corrupted then you might face the non responding application. Outlook the best tool used for emailing is also supported by the PST file. Actually, the reason why PST file is so important for Outlook is because it saves all the related data in the file. When Outlook is used PST file stores all the data like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc. in it.

At instances, user may face the corruption in the PST file which indirectly affects the Outlook. Mailbox attributes like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Contacts, etc. are saved in the PST files. In case of corruption all the data of these attributes will be out of your reach. Don’t worry, you have the solution to repair the Outlook’s PST file (further details) by using the PST File Repair Software.

Suppose, if you have to recover the emails from the corrupted PST file then what could accomplish this task. To restore deleted email from PST file you have to use the PST Repair Tool. This tool definitely will help you to recover deleted mailbox Items from the PST file.

Before opting for the repairing process do have a glimpse on the scenarios which could be the reason for the corruption in file.

  1. Compressing the PST file using the unlicensed tool or inappropriate tool could corrupt the PST file.
  2. Sharing PST file over unsecured network
  3. Changing the extension of the PST file may result in corruption
  4. Virus incursion in the critical section of the file
  5. Abrupt shutting down the application.

These were the cases which may lead you to awful situation. Generally the situation arises due to human errors. If user is concerned towards the data then one must follow the protocols to use the tool. Lastly, if nothing works then you can use the PST Repair Tool. The software will repair the file and will help you to recover deleted mailbox items. For recovering deleted emails from Outlook 2007 and other Outlook versions, simply use this effective software.

The software has many qualities like it can repair each type of corruption caused in the PST file. To use the software is very easy. Instead, the software supports the repairing of all types of Outlook version’s PST file. The utility can repair PST file corrupted from virus, oversized .pst, header corruption, damaged PST, etc.

Here you can see the best features of the software.

  • Supports Windows
  • All versions of Outlook from 2000 to 2010
  • It can Recover Mailbox Items like message, folders, the calendar items, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, RSS feeds, tasks, journals and notes

The software is provided with the snapshots to show each steps of repairing the files.

Just follow the steps and do find the result:

Step 1: Launch the software and you will find one main screen. Select “Open PST File” file

Recover Deleted Mailbox Items - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: “Browse” the destination location and select the “Smart Scan” or “Normal Scan” then lastly press “Next”.

Recover Deleted Mailbox Items - Select Scan Type

Figure 2: Select Type of Scan

Step 3: Once the file is scanned just you will be asked to “Save” the file.

Recover Deleted Mailbox Items - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File