Restore Outlook Notes

Microsoft Outlook notes is an Outlook attribute which is used to create notes about important questions, tasks, ideas, and reminders which can be viewed by you anytime. People use computers for almost every work & note down important works in Outlook note. But PST file corruption can stop accessing notes anytime. It disturbs entire work flow and leaves you perplexed. While trying to open, view, expand personal folder file you may encounter error message “Unable to display the folder. The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.” When you receive this error you will be unable to open PST file. Outlook files may get corrupted due to many reasons like system crash when PST file in use, power surges, sharing PST files between different networks, virus infection, software or hardware failure, invalid registry values, etc.

Common scenarios that lead to loss of Outlook notes are explained below:

  • Terminating Outlook abruptly: When Outlook profile is in active mode, if you terminate the application on your computer without salvage of changing notes, then this may result in corrupted PST file.

  • Oversized PST: Different version has been assigned a particular size limit for PST files. If size of Outlook exceeds its limit then PST files may get damaged. Notes & other Outlook attributes like emails, journals, calendars, contacts, RSS feeds, etc may increase size limit at a certain point of time & damage them.

  • Bad sectors: If your Outlook notes are stored on a bad sector of the hard disk then files that were saved in it may be full of errors. In such situation, you can read only a part of broken PST file.

  • PST file header corruption: If Outlook file header gets damaged, PST files become inaccessible as header contains information and structure of the Outlook file. It can occur due to OS crash, virus infection, software conflicts, etc.

  • Deletion of Outlook files: You may accidentally press “Shift + Del” key combination or wrong technique for compressing Outlook notes. Your files may also get deleted to virus attack or due to unintentional formatting.

In order to get back all your data & to bring your Outlook profile in accessible mode, you can take help of Scanpst.exe, an inbuilt tool for scanning the corrupted file, or use a splitter tool to split the large size file. But both have its disadvantages, scanpst.exe cannot fix severely corrupted files & splitter tool lead to deletion of some files at the time of splitting large sized file.

The best way to repair & restore Outlook notes is to use PST file repair tool. It can easily repair all PST file corruption issues & recover Outlook attributes. The PST file that cannot be recovered using inbox repair tool can be fixed by this software. It can also repair Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 PST file without any difficulty. It also supports repairing & recovering of Outlook file on Windows 7, XP, Vista,8 after Scanpst.exe fails to respond. Click here to know more about this.

Outlook 2013 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office that has been developed by Microsoft. This application has more advanced features than that of the previous versions. With the help of these features the user can perform all the tasks without much difficulty. Sometimes as a result of virus infection or due to some other human errors the PST file that has been saved in the respective account gets corrupted leading to loss of all the infromation that has been loaded in it. Don't get yourself upset! This is not the permanent loss data that is present in the PST file. Go to this link and get to know more about the repair procedure.

It is also very easy to import PST file in Outlook by using this software. The Outlook recovery tool can help you to repair as well as import PST file with all data on your Outlook profile. For additional information regarding how to import PST file in Outlook, one can go here -

Perform the following steps to recover Outlook notes::

Step 1: Launch the PST repair application and then on main page you will find three options and you have to select one of the options based on your need.

Restore Outlook Notes - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Then select the damaged PST file. After that select scanning mode and click “Repair” button to start the scanning program. Once the process is completed, you can preview all the recovered items including Outlook notes.

Restore Outlook Notes - Preview Screen

Figure B. Preview Screen