Restore Deleted Outlook PST File

An Outlook PST file is also known as the Personal Storage Table where all the information is saved. Generally the contents of the PST file are emails, calendars, contacts, journals, as well as other Outlook information that is present in the respective file. This Outlook application is used for effective communication among the different personnel who are present in the organization. Loaded with so many new features, this tool helps you to perform the task without much effort. Due to certain accidental reasons the user ends up with deleting the files that are saved in the profile. Don’t worry! This is not the permanent loss of the data that has been deleted. Effectively undelete Outlook PST file by using the services of this outlook file repair tool. Loaded with all new features and advanced options, you can this software help repair the file in no time and get access to all its contents.

Discussed below are some of the reasons that cause deletion of the PST file:

Once the mails that are present it the Inbox folder get deleted they are stored in Deleted Items. Sometimes while viewing the files or other emails present in that folder, the user deletes them as they are no longer needed. The user needs to get access to those files again when there need again arises in future.

Application Fault is also of major concern. You have to keep a good backup of all the data before upgrading it else some fault in the application will lead to deletion of valuable files that have been saved in the respective PST file.

This virus infection has become the major concern that causes damage to most of the PST file contents of the respective account. These viruses enter the system from different sources like from the internet or while transferring files from the infected systems. Sometimes downloading some emails that contain certain virus infected files as attachment may also lead to the infection of data on the PC. These viruses and malware corrupt all the files including your PST files.

The PST file repair tool is the most preferred option when it comes to the process of repairing all the PST files that are present in the system. All you need to do is to select the PST file by using the Find PST file option and proceed to select the scan type. Once you click on the repair button, this tool that has been loaded with deep scanning algorithm scans the entire drive and repairs the file in no time. This repairing process will allow you to get access to all the data that's been deleted from the respective account. For best results use the demo version of this application. After getting satisfied with the repair and recovery process of this software purchase the key to have access to the full version of this tool, so that you can easily save the files and get access to the data quite easily.

Microsoft Outlook calendar is one of the best features among the entire Outlook aspect, which helps to schedule meetings, reminders of various birthdays, and other important events that will help you to manage your house work as well as your professional life. When Outlook tool is working fine you can make good use of all the features that are loaded in it. But once it is corrupted or data in Outlook gets deleted as result of various scenarios, you will be unable to access calendar entries which you had created and saved for such a long time. Carry on with the reading to know more about the repair process of the Outlook PST File.

In MS Outlook, you can get contacts which are linked with the emails. It allows you to store contacts in different and separate folder called as the Contact Folder. Sometimes, most of MS Outlook users all over globe encounter disappointing experiences after losing their contacts in one or the other way. Dont worry! You can recover contacts from Outlook without much difficulty by using this repair tool.

Follow the simplest procedure to undelete the Outlook PST file present in the particular account:

Step 1: Launch the application in the system by logging in as local system administrator. Click on the “Find PST File” from the main screen of the software.

Undelete Outlook PST File - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Use the “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option as per your needs.

Undelete Outlook PST File - Scan

Figure B. Smart Scan Option

Step 3: After the completion of repair process view the contents of file without much difficulty.

Undelete Outlook PST File - Preview Recovered Data

Figure C. Preview PST File Contents